Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sudoku Madness!!!

Warning- Sudoku is ADDICTIVE! I take no responsibility for loss of time, job or spouse resulting from playing Sudoku.

For Those of you who don't know just what sudoku is, It is a puzzle where you are given a grid of either blank squares or with a number (1-9) in it and you have place the numbers (1-9) in such a way that every row, column and diagonal line has each number occur exactly one time.

I would give you a nice and comprehensive explanation, but why when you have Wikipedia and some videos?

Play it now complements of DailySudoku:

[print version]

Visit http://www.dailysudoku.com/ for more puzzles, solutions, hints, books and other resources.

Here is a sampling of the better related items from Amazon.com:

Here are a couple of online places to play:

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Steve and Cyndi said...

Hey Bro, I have been looking for you... assuming that you are my brother, there are a couple of you out there. If you are, drop me an email... goodgame7@gmail.com