Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Skydrive in Ubuntu 12.04

I now am happy with my 12.04 mostly xubuntu system, I just wanted a way to mount Skydrive.. Turns out it is easy with the SME packeage. Very easy to install, let you link to 3 storage providers (including Skydrive!!) plus they give you 5gigs from their own service... not too bad.. 
Just go to and get the package for you.. If you have problems installing sudo apt-get -f install should fix you right up.


Anonymous said...

smestorage is bullshit!

Anonymous said...

You said its bullshit so tell us now why u think so OR we will start to thinking you are just a stupid troll

Anonymous said...

SMES gives 1GB bandwidth per month... for someone that has 25GB and need to make backaps or/and uploading/downloading greater than 1GB per month SMES is useless. You have to pay otherwise you have limitation bullshit.