Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I use Google Chrome most of the time at home and on other computers, so it is nice to be able to log into chrome and see all your bookmarks, and have the ability to start up a session just like you left at home.
Let me know if I missed anything cool/fun/useful.

Extensions :
FlashBlock - Stops flash stuff from running until you click on it, helps speed things up
 MuteTab - Allows you to mute any tab you want.
SMEStorage Cloud Dashboard - One place for Dropbox,, Skydrive, etc....
TabCloud - Allows you to save all your tabs.. Useful if you change computers, or have different "profiles/common tab sets" for specific tasks, It can really cut down on distraction when working or whatnot.
Google Voice - Call, SMS
Weather Channel & Full Screen Weather 
Subsonic  - Since I have a subsonic server, it is nice to have.
JoilCloud - Fun to play with
Bloxorz - Really fun puzzle game
IsoBalls 3 - Like the old school marble madness of my c=64 daze...

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