Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MIDI on the Cheap Ubuntu 12.04

A friend just gave me his old midi keyboard to play around with so I ordered a USB Midi device from for something like $5-6 shipped, here is how far I have gotten with it so far.

aplaymidi -l returns a line including 20:0 USB Midi USB Midi MIDI 1
aplaymidi -p 20:0 /path to a .mid file plays it. 

The only thing that got me for a minute is that when I plugged in the cable into the synth, I had to switch around in and out (in goes to out and out goes to in)
Now I just have to figure out rosegarden and develop some sort of musical ability.
Anyone with a good handle on midi software for ubuntu, drop me a line and make some recommendations!!!

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