Friday, February 29, 2008

All Things Starcraft

Starcraft has been pretty much THE game for me since it came out back in '98, sure there were flings with others, some of which I even still play, but no other RTS is anywhere as popular or can devour entire weekends like Blizzard's Starcraft. At about $20 US for the "Starcraft Battle Chest" you get the original Starcraft, Broodwar expansion, and two strategy guides -you really can't beat the gameplay value you'll get for this package. I'm going to assume that you are familiar with Starcraft for the rest of the article, but for those few unenlightened souls out there, here is a brief description of the game.The game, and it's expansion Brood Wars, revolve around a confilct between the Terran (human), Protoss (high tech aliens) and Zerg (mostly insect and animal based alien -think Starship Troopers) races in a game of domination. Most levels are simple "kill all other forces" while some are oriented toward getting an artifact and returning it to a specific point. To accomplish this you gather resources (minerals and gas in this case) and spend them on technology upgrades or physical units like buildings and tanks. Here is where it gets fun, after you have completed the game (without cheating!!!) and have wet your feet in the multiplayer on, now you can try your hand at some of the user created levels available all over or mods of the game with some even offering whole campaings complete with level intros and all sorts of bells and whistles.
General Starcraft Resources

  • Cheat: Free Technology UpgradesTo instantly upgrade your technology press ENTER then type "medieval man" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Free Unit UpgradesTo instantly upgrade all of your units press ENTER then type "something for nothing" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Infinite EnergyFor infinite energy, press ENTER then type "the gathering" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Instant LossTo instantly lose the current level press ENTER then type "game over man" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Instant VictoryTo instantly win the current level press ENTER then type "there is no cow level" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: InvincibilityTo make all of the other teams unable to deal damage press ENTER then type "power overwhelming" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Lift the FogTo prevent the fog of war from coming back, press ENTER then type "war aint what it used to be" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Receive 500 Vespene GasLow on gas? Press ENTER and type "breathe deep" and press ENTER again. Remember kids, inhalants are bad so don't try this at home.
  • Cheat: Disable Food and Psi RequirementsTo remove food and psi limits, press ENTER, type "food for thought" and then press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Build over supply limit as Protoss or ZergTo build over the supply limit of 200, have your Dark Archons mind control any protoss unit, and you can do this just as much as you want! To build over the 200 supply limit of the zerg simply have at least 8 drones and a whole lot of minerals. Next mutate them into a cheap building like a creep colony and rush back to your Hatchery ( Lair or Hive) and find any larvae and mutate it into the unit that you want and then while it is mutating stop the drones from finishing and ta-da! Sadly, there is no way to build over the 200 supply limit as Terran.
  • Cheat: Zerg MusicIf you are playing as zerg, enter "radio free zerg" and zerg music will play. (This only works for zerg)
  • Cheat: ExtractorPlay as the zerg and get 9 drones. Tell 1 of them to build an extractor, then build another drone. Cancel the extractor and you have 11 drones and 1 overlord.
  • Cheat: Build units beyond the supply limit During game play press enter and type "food for thought" then press enter again. You will be able to build units past your supply limit.
  • Cheat: Level SelectTo choose your level do the following:
    Press ENTER
    Type "ophelia"
    Press ENTER
    Type the name of the desired level.
    Press ENTER again.
    StarCraft level names consist of the race followed by the mission number. eg: terran1, terran2, zerg1, zerg2, protoss1, protoss2, etc.
  • Cheat: Disable Level VictoryTo continue playing after achieving victory, press ENTER then type "staying alive" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Receive 500 MineralsFor another perk press ENTER then type "whats mine is mine" and press ENTER again. Please forgive Blizzard's awful puns.
  • Cheat: Receive 10,000 Minerals and GasFor a helpful bonus press ENTER then type "show me the money" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Reveal MapTo reveal the entire map and remove the fog of war, press ENTER then type "black sheep wall" and press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Get 1000 more of every resource To get 1000 more of every resource hit enter and then type in SHOW ME THE MONEY and then hit enter again.
  • Cheat: Disable Technology TreePress ENTER then type "modify the phase variance" and press ENTER again. This code lets you ignore prerequisites and build anything you can afford.
  • Cheat: Enemy Can't Use PsionicsTo prevent the enemy from using Psionics, press ENTER, type "noglues", then press ENTER again.
  • Cheat: Fast Build ModeTo build units quicker, press ENTER, type "operation cwal" and then press ENTER again.

Starcraft is REALLY popular in South Korea!

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