Saturday, July 24, 2010

There's a new (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid) server in town.

I recently acquired an old, but mostly functional laptop (broken screen, missing keys, etc....) that I thought would make a nice home server, after all I like to make use of the tech I have on hand and this frees up my desktop & netbook for other stuff.. like Starcraft and XBMC. Here are some of the functions I have in mind.
  • File Server
  • Media Server for my Netgear MP-101 and possibly web-clients.
  • Print Server
  • Scanner Server
  • Torrent machine
  • Radio Stream recorder
  • Radio Shark Recorder
  • Bashpodder Client
The Machine itself isn't so bad, it's a Compaq Presario with 512MB, 80GB and an Athlon XP Processor 2000+ (1.67GhzsoI don't foresee anything really taxing on the machine, especially without a GUI running. Once it is installed, I'll be configuring it through SSH and Web Clients. I chose Ubuntu Server 10.04 Lucid Lynx for the project because I am familiar with the Ubuntu line, is Debian based, has great repositories and support, and it is a LTS release.

The install was uneventful, I just was sure I selected Lamp Server, OpenSSH Server, Print Server and Samba File Server from the list and let it do it's thing.

The first thing I did after the install was to change the IP address from dynamic to static like so.

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
put a # in front of the line that says iface eth0 inet dhcp and add the following lines after it
iface eth0 inet static

You are of course going to have to fiddle with the numbers to reflect your own network.
hit ctl-o and ctl-x to save and exit. (if you used nano)
now you can restart networking by
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

You can check your settings by issuing ifconfig eth0

Next it's time to update all those packages that have changed since the cd was finialized.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Finally I install a couple of packages that are really useful to have, but don't really need a whole blog post.
sudo apt-get install sendemail curl weather figlet links2

Thats it for now.. next post I'll be installing Webmin to speed up the setup process.

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