Friday, December 10, 2010

I just set up my netbook with 10.10 server edition, LXDE and cairo-dock, all I had to do to make it just right for me was remove lxpanel and pcmanfm. Now I have a nice clean desktop without all the extra crap installed I will never need. The only thing missing was a wallpaper changer, so I threw together a little script to display a random one. Be sure you have FEH installed and are not using pcmanfm to manage your desktop. Just save it somewhere, chmod +x it, and add it to ~/.bashrc (I start a terminal at login) with a & at the end of the line and you are good to go.

#change wallpaper randomly
#by scott goodgame 2010

#! /bin/bash
INTERVAL=300 # number of seconds to keep each wallpaper

while true; do
feh --bg-fill ${FILES[RANDOM%${#FILES[@]} ]}

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