Friday, January 18, 2008

Bloxorz puzzle game

Check out the puzzle game they have over at, I just ran into it when I put the Duke3d Soundboard on the previous post.. Pretty fun.

Go Play Bloxorz at -Scott The object is simple, roll your brick shaped block into a hole without falling off the level. You can either roll "head over heel" lengthwise or roll while the brick is lengthwise on the ground. Like most fun games, this one is simple and quick to learn, but it won't be easy to complete the 30 levels included. Game by

There are only a few things to remember about the levels:

  • An "X" switch is only activated when you are standing up on it.
  • "O" switch can be activated by laying down on it.
  • The "()" switch is a teleport switch activated when standing upon it.
  • The orange squares cannot support the full weight of a standing block, so you have to lay (or is it lie) down and roll across it.

Have Fun!!

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