Thursday, January 17, 2008

Duke Nukem Forever & a Brief History of Duke

Coming "When it's done" from 3D Realms for the PC.

3d Realms has just released a new teaser for Duke Nukem Forever.... Looks like It might actually come out before the sun becomes a cold black cinder. Go to Teaser in HD Although it doesn't really show anything about the game but I have faith in any game that takes longer to develop than the Apollo Moon Project, the Manhattan Project or the combined length of both World Wars. I really hope it is good, but in the meantime I went looking around for some of the old Duke games for the PC to play and ran across some cool stuff which you'll get links to and I'll give you a brief history of old Duke for those whose memories are a bit rusty. (It has been a REALLY long time, after all!) Now just might be the time for you to play some of the older versions around to warm you up for DN Forever - you just might have forever to warm up.

Youtube Video of the Teaser

Brief History of Duke Nukem

Early Duke- Both Duke nukem I & II were pretty basic shoot the bad guy side/vertical scrollers with nothing new that hadn't been seen for some years on the 8-bit Nintendo system, what made them semi-unique was the fact that they pushed PC hardware of the day beyond what most people thought was feasible. Duke Nukem I came out in July 1991 with 320x200 16 color EGA graphics and not much in the way of sound - a pretty lame game if seen on a Nintendo 8-bit of the time, the game was state of the art for this type of thing in the PC world. Apparently though, it made enough money to inspire a sequel, the MUCH improved Duke Nukem II now with really nice 256-color VGA graphics and much improved sound via MIDI music and digitized sound.

Duke Nukem3d came along in 1996, and like Doom before it was a first person shooter, but unlike Doom or the other games it spawned, Duke3d allowed you to interact much more with the environment than merely open doors, you could shoot pool, pee,break all kinds of stuff and even tip strippers. (games need more strippers if you ask me) The engine was light years ahead of the doom engine and although it wasn't truly a 3d engine like quake, you had a fully immersing environment with puzzles, and richly detailed environments. (quake seemed almost make for deathmatch style fighting, the single player mode comes across to me as almost an afterthought).

Links -n- Info:
  • 3d Realms The company website with the shareware versions of Dukes I & II, and Duke 3d with source code for those lonely friday nights.
  • The 3d Realms yahoo store can be found Here.
  • Xduke is a port of the source code to Win32, so Windows Xp users can play it without lugging out the old pentium I out of storage.
  • The JonF port has OpenGl support so it looks great.
  • The Duke 3d Cheats can be found here rather than list them all out to Duke3d
  • Duke Nukem II cheats are:Press n + u + k for a random weapon plus everything you need to complete the current level. If that doesn't work, press d + u + k + m.
  • Duke Nukem Waiting for Forever is a Fangame that is fun in its own right, kinda like Duke Nukem II on steroids.

Not too related, but I couldn't resist...A fun Soundboard

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