Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Computer History Video Edsac, Ordvac, Illiac, Edsac2, Titan... Very long. (126 minutes)

From Google:
David Wheeler will describe some of his early experiences from 1947 onward after having been inspired by a lecture about the ENIAC by Douglas Hartree. In the early years, he was involved in the software and hardware design of Edsac (1949), Ordvac (1951), Illiac (1952), Edsac2 (1953), Titan (1959), and other early machines. At Berkeley in 1965, he designed the multiplexer for connecting on-line terminals to the CDC 6500 Supercomputer. This was his first use of integrated circuits which, at the time, had only two NAND gates per chip! David was trained as a mathematician, but always had the aim of getting things practically right rather than theoretically correct. Join us for a unique, revealing look at the early events that influenced him."

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