Saturday, April 5, 2008

Papercraft resources

I like to make models of stuff, and the following is a bunch o' links I've collected over time for crafting everything from spacecraft to the iphone to animals using your printer, some scissors and a little time.. Pretty fun and a good rainy day craft for kids too. Paper model web ring

NASA/ESA stuff james webb space telescope Paper Model of the Kepler Satellite Mars Pathfinder Cassini-Huygens pioneer 10 Stardust SOHO X-1 paper glider terra Very nice model of the ESA Venus Express

MISC a chess set iPhone pdf- I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Quake and Half-Life soilder models. Paper rocket you can really launch Puzzle mazes DnD castles and such Really nice paper airplane Polyhedra More polyhedra Still more polyhedra Geodesic dome from newspaper big enough for kids to sit inside. Cemetary, complete with graves and trees paper enigma machine Nissan paper car models (Japanese) ship models from digital navy many models and links to more dinasours for kids all sorts of paper toys 3D paper models on a range of topics including animals, toys and science Rare animals of the world Rare animals of Japan Insects Fish and a stand for them Many models to choose from, buildings automobiles,aircraft and more.


Niels said...

- also check out my latest Ariane 4model at

Peter said...


I create 3d paper models of terrain, I guess you may like e.g. this one:


vidhipradhan1988 said...

Hey you can also check some of the Architectural 3D Images, that are available online. Visit here-